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We invite you to try LataBotella® bottle created by group JUMEX® in 2007, which changed the history of usual juice tare, and enjoy the variety of real fruit taste juice useful to health.

Graceful form, elegant design – please meet – it is a unique LataBotella® (Metal bottle). The producer of juice JUMEX® created the unique bottle for your convenience in Mexico. Precisely the mixture of metal and aluminium ensures stability and practicality of such bottle – juice does not spill, their taste remains unchanged.

Wide and delicious juices and nectars variety, manufactured with prime fruits, pasteurized, non-added colorants nor conservatives to bring the best quality and freshness.

JUMEX® is grateful to nature for its resources, thus by producing high quality products it takes responsibility for the health of the community, and guarantees one hundred percent the natural origin and high quality of its juice.

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JUMEX® UnicoFresco® Not concentrate 100% natural juice with no water, sugar or conservatives added. It is possible to enjoy juice as freshly pressed. One of the most advanced methods of production Histerileprocess® is used for the production of mentioned juice when the nutritional and other good qualities are kept thanks to the complicated chilling system.

UnicoFresco® tare like peel saving the orange permits to protect the sensitive product from effect of outside, therefore, it is not necessary to put juice into the fridge till the opening.

JUMEX® is grateful to nature for its resources, therefore, while producing high-quality products it accepts responsibility for the health of society and guarantees hundred-percent naturalness and quality of all its juice.


It's a delicious beverage that will help your body recover salts, minerals and energy lost during exercise. Made with real fruit, according to a special formula JUMEX Sport® PRO L-1, which not only quenches your thirst, but also helps the body to maintain optimum moisture balance.

Recover maximum dynamism. Made from natural fruit and berry juice. Enriched with vitamin B and E (Enriched with vitamin B, E and Niacin). Enriched with L-carnitine and the electrolyte. Suitable for children, youth and adults.

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